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Hoopsy Update

This seems to be a quarterly blog at the moment, its one of those things that I have great intentions of updating weekly but it never quite happens.

Anyway if you have been following our social media accounts you will see that things have been incredibly busy since we reopened.  Our order books is constantly overflowing and we are getting inundated with box / packaging enquiries which is great news.  

We upgraded our large printer for a newer and much better model, it is producing excellent results on the packaging which we are very pleased with.   As the business has got busier I have two friends who help me on an adhoc basis and also my daughter who is in charge of organising the packaging and posting.  

The most frustrating thing is both myself and my partner when I rope him into helping in the evenings want to get more time to create new products but we are normally fulfilling orders.  Not a bad thing to complain about I know.

We are custom cutting more options, we are finding this gives a much more uniform and good finish and we have had some great feedback.   

I can already feel the build up of orders for Christmas so you are obviously all getting organised and ready for the Christmas rush.  We will try and stick to approximately two weeks but if things get too busy this will either be increased or I will close for short periods to catch up.   

Please note though we will be closing on the 1st of December again until the new year so bare that in mind.

Lastly thank you so much for supporting us, we really do appreciate every single order and love our customers.  

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