Easter Themed Bunny Character Product (Candle/Jar/Mug) Box

From £2.00 exc VAT

This box is custom made to package your 1oz wax melt pots in a tray styled box. They are custom made to order, from high-quality packaging card and digitally printed, they are supplied flat, ready for assembly and contain everything that you need. Y

Each box in 100 x 100 x 100mm in size, with a snap-lock bottom and constructed from our professional packaging card (which is food safe and retains scents and smells very well). It will easy fit a 30cl candle with flat lid, or a standard coffee mug so can be used for many purposes.

This is specifically for our Easter Themed character box. Please drop us a message on Facebook if you are interested in other characters on the front of the box.


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